THIEF RIVER FALLS, Minn. — It was a great day of kubb at the 2020 TRF Winter Kubb Tournament! The morning started out a little cold at 20 below zero. Things got started at 11 a.m. There were competitors who travelled from three states. The Klassic style was used, with five single games to start. After those qualifying rounds, the top eight continued to the championship division, with the others playing in the consolation. The tournament went quite fast this year; it was the first time beating the sun going down.

This was the first year the tournament was combined with Thief River Falls’ ice festival. There were lots of other activities going on, including beard and mustache competition, multiple hockey games, three different bands in town, and a bunch of other fun helping to create a great atmosphere for the kubb tournament.

The finals match saw last year’s second place team of Ryan Kolden and Grant Scott take on Thief River Falls locals Dany Behm and Troy Wiskow. Ultimately, Kolden and Scott would walk away with the top prize. Erik Linge, Steph Linge, Shane Camp, and Jenny Camp of Superior, Wisconsin took home third place.

Thank you everyone who participated and everyone who supports kubb up north here!

Photo of the top teams at the 2020 TRF Winter Kubb Tournament.

The top teams pose with their awards.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Kolden.

Final Results

  1. Bon Jovi (Ryan Kolden, Grant Scott)
  2. Wizards of Nors Kubb (Danny Behm, Troy Wiskow)
  3. The Darkness (Erik Linge, Steph Linge, Jenny Camp, Shane Camp)