Fast Facts


Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020
10 a.m. 


Theodore Wirth Park
Minneapolis, MN





MINNEAPOLIS — The City of Lakes Loppet Winter Festival returns to Minneapolis, and with it, Captain Ken’s Kubb Tournament. The annual event has become one of the top winter must-play tournaments on the kubb scene. A couple of years ago, the tournament broke into two divisions (Championship and Recreational), which allowed for maximum enjoyment by all ranges of players. This year will continue with that format. The Championship side will be made up of the experienced teams looking to beat the best of the best, while the Recreational division is meant to give less experienced (or more casual) players a chance to partake without fear of a blowout match.

Matches will be best of three games and all teams are guaranteed at least five matches during the day. In both divisions, teams will begin the day in group play. After a break and the results are tallied, teams will be moved into bracket play. If necessary, throw-off tie-breakers in group play will be utilized to properly seed the brackets.

This is an outdoor winter tournament, so be sure to dress appropriately. The tournament will still be played in the cold and snow.

Registration increases the closer to the event, but the deadline is Jan. 29. That means you better register sooner than later! Proceeds from the tournament benefit the Loppet Foundation, host the larger festival.

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