Last Thursday the Thief River Falls Sand Kubb League wrapped up week its third week. It was an interesting evening with rain showers through most of it. It definitely put a twist on things being wet and sticky at times, and a little bit of wind. Thief River Falls started doing a league back in 2011, which would make it the first kubb league in the United States. This year, the league has 10 teams with around 30 participants. Thief River falls only has one seven week long league a year. Each team plays best-of-three-game matches timed at 50 minutes. Teams play two other teams each evening. At the end of the season, everyone is seeded and a double illumination tournament is played out. Here are the points standings after week three.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Kolden.

Week 3 Standings

  1. Psychedelic Kubb Kings (Danny Behm, Kevin Nelson, Bobby Parker): 170 points
  2. The Hot Shots (Alex OklandTroy Winskow): 120 points
  3. Clubbin Kubb (Cameron Carlson, Kris Peterson): 120 points
  4. K-Team (Bruce Gangelhoff, Vince Miramontes, Joey Sabol, Alex Winters): 100 points
  5. Perefect Storm (Thain Abrahamson, Ryan Kolden): 100 points
  6. New Expansion Team (Dan Sayler, Nate Sayler): 100 points
  7. Guns and Dogs (Justin Iverson, Dan Kotaska, Kevin Roberts): 80 points
  8. The Willies (Jeremy, Sam): 40 points
  9. Kubb, Snake, Boogie (Travis, Stacy Wiseth, Steve Wiseth): 10 points
  10. Toates McGoates (Nathan Hesse, Amanda Kennedy, Darrin Momerak, Zach Olson): 0 points