Photo courtesy of Lars Arneson.

STOUGHTON, WI — The Stoughton Kubb Invitational, now in its fifth year, was held on Saturday, July 28 at Virgin Lake Park. A total of 22 teams participated with players from Minnesota, Germany, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin. The competition was very intense this year with many participants who play across the country at national and international competitions.

Team B-Dubya (Chad Bevers, Brian Winistorfer) went 8-0 in the qualifying rounds to earn the top seed for the tournament. The semi-finals pitted Team B-Dubya against Fortschritt99 (Dave Giese, Bjorn Gorlitz). B-Dubya moved onto the championship with a 2-1 victory.

The other matchup was el ringers (Dave Ellringer, Sy Ellringer) against Kastaways (Emily Jipp, Joe Malkasian, Demian Moore). El ringers won the first game, but Kastaways bounced back and won the next two.

In the championship, Team B Dubya started off hot by knocking down two baseline kubbs in their first turn. Kastaways were unable to knock any baselines down with their four baton return. B-Dubya cleared their three remaining baseline kubbs to finish off game one with a victory. Game two was a longer battle that had eight kubbs in play. B-Dubya was able to clear the pile in four batons, knock the final baseline kubb, and finish off the king.

Fortschritt99 ended up winning third place and the consolation bracket was won by the Kubb Snipers (Matt Green, Joe Hrjesa).

Final Results

  1. B-Dubya (Chad Bevers, Brian Winistorfer)
  2. Kastaways (Emily Jipp, Joe Malkasian, Demian Moore)
  3. Fortschritt99 (Dave Giese, Bjorn Gorlitz)

Consolation Winner: Kubb Snipers (Matt Green, Joe Hrjesa)