ELVERSON, Penn. — The inaugural East Coast Kubb Championships took place Aug. 19, 2017 at Livingood park in Elverson, Pennsylvania. The tournament was preceded by a heavy thunderstorm the night before that soaked the pitches and made for a soft, muddy ground to play on all day. WIth 20 teams from nine different states, the East Coast Championships clearly drew a lot of interest from all over the country.

The tournament started with seven rounds of Klassic style play followed by an eight team championship bracket and a 12 team silver bracket. In the championship bracket, the Lumber Tumblers (Christopher Jones, Brian Winistorfer) met Kubb On (Bryan Jones, Kyle Weakland) in one semi-final. In the second semi-final, it was Pennsylvanian battle with Clever Kubb Reference (Jake Leavitt, Jesse Wienckoski) taking on Kubbstaches (Kevin Bachman, Bob Hickes).

Photo of Christopher Jones blasting in the finals.

Christopher Jones blasting in the finals

The Lumber Tumblers advanced out of the first semi-final by taking out Kubb On 2-0 and the Kubbstaches advanced beating Clever Kubb Reference 2-1. In the finals match, the Kubbstaches came out fast capped off by Hickes going three for three at 8 meters early in the match. The Lumber Tumblers gave up their first advantage line of the day on the next turn, but the Kubbstaches couldn’t put the game away. The Lumber Tumblers clawed their way back into the match and finished the game with Winistorfer having his own turn going three for three at 8 meters, leaving Jones with one baton left over for the king to come away with game one. In  game two, the Lumber Tumblers came out strong and never looked back. Led by great blasting by Jones, the Lumber Tumblers were able to take game two and the 2017 East Coast Kubb Championships title.

In the third place match, Clever Kubb Reference was able to use a couple advantage lines to win the match 2-0. In the consolation bracket final, the Woodchuckers (Mike Davids, Dan Fletcher) took down Kubbogorgon (Dave Cantwell, Mike Horengic, Jesse Murphy) to win the silver bracket.

Photo of players in the silver bracket podium.

The silver bracket podium

Final Results

  1. Lumber Tumblers (Christopher Jones, Brian Winistorfer)
  2. Kubbstaches (Kevin Bachman, Bob Hickes)
  3. Clever Kubb Reference (Jake Leavitt, Jesse Wienckoski)

Silver Bracket Winner: Woodchuckers (Mike Davids, Dan Fletcher)

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The finals match between Lumber Tumblers and Kubbstaches.