Fast Facts


Saturday, Jan. 18, 2020


Sahuarita Lake Park
Sahuarita, AZ


Contact Dave Ellringer or post in the Facebook event. There is no charge


Facebook Event

SAHUARITA, Ariz. — For those that need an excuse to play Kubb in the Sonoran desert, the Desert  Kubb Classic has evolved into a free learn to play event at Sahuarita Lake Park, just north of Green Valley. It’s just 15 miles south of Tucson International Airport. In addition, to the learn to play event, Bjorn Gorlitz will be organizing the Arizona Kubb Invitational. His unredacted description of this event follows:

For the first time in the young history of the throwing sport kubb, we invite you to Sahuarita to get in touch with the sport and the rules of U.S. kubb and meet some people of every possible age. The Invitational is open for every open-minded person, who wants to get in touch with a new backyard game.

We start at 9 a.m. at Sahuarita Lake Park and we will play a two person tournament against each other to determine the first winner of a kubb tournament in Arizona. Every player gets matched in a lottery with another player for the first game and after this is finished, every player gets another player for the next round. We will play eight rounds and the player with the best winning score will be the first winner of the Arizona Kubb Invitational. When we have a draw on the lead, we will have a final showdown 1v1 for the win.

Plenty of hotels nearby the airport or in Green Valley. There will probably be a break for lunch, and several restaurants are within a mile of the lake. There is also a tentative plan for a a Friday and/or Saturday meet-up at Pub 1922 near the park.

In addition to Tuscon, other airport choices are Mesa Gateway and Sky Harbor in Phoenix, both are two hours away on I-10.

Photo courtesy of Arizona Kubb